“I had the intention of becoming a theologian…but now I see how God is, by my endeavors, also glorified in astronomy for the heavens declare the glory of God.”- Johannes Kepler

“A true scientist cannot be an atheist. When you peer so deeply into God’s workshop and have so many opportunities to marvel at his omniscience and eternal order, as we have, then you should humbly bend your knees before the throne of the most holy God.” -Johann Madler



  1. I am moving away from faith and towards the position where the evidence for creation is everywhere, everything having been created, including all events.

    Forget God for a moment and think instead of that one thing that is bigger than the universe and therefore capable of providing the answer to why it is here. Infinity, itself, is bigger than the universe.

    Is it any more ridiculous to talk about The Infinite than The Void as scientists did previously? The only difference between one and the other being being that nobody before me had thought of infinity in such a way before.

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