About Me

I am currently an M.Div student at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. My areas of study within the M.Div are church history and stewardship.

I am also a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University where I obtained two Bachelor’s degrees; one in Bible and one in Family Psychology.

I believe that the debate between those who espouse ID or Creationism and those who espouse Darwinian evolution is one of the most important debates of our time. Tied to this debate are such issues as acknowledgment of a higher power, accountability to something greater than man, and a whole host of various ethical issues including: abortion, eugenics, genocide, euthanasia, human rights, animal rights, and recently even plant rights.

The idea of unguided Darwinian evolution takes us down a dangerous path where all ethics are relative and the life of a human being is no more important than the life of an animal. We see this more and more in society today and hopefully this blog can draw attention to many of these issues.

Thanks for reading!


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