Posted by: Mr. C | June 1, 2008

Evolution Failing as a Theory of Everything?

This is an interesting post from Uncommon Descent that references some articles worth checking out about the downfall of evolution as an all-encompassing theory that explains everything.

Full text follows:

Christian commentator Dinesh D’Souza has recently been arguing that the real problem with Darwinism in the classroom is that it is used to promote atheism. Today,

I noticed he had an interesting item in TotheSource, which is not yet archived, talking about Darwin’s own agnosticism-bordering-on-atheism. I have elsewhere pointed out that Darwinism has always been sold primarily as the creation story of atheism.

And with good reason. If we survey the patterns in the actual history of life from the Ediacaran period to the present, given what we know today, it is most unlikely that we would credit Darwin’s theory of natural selection acting on random mutations with explaining how most of it happened.
That is why I was somewhat impatient with D’Souza’s contention that we need only prevent people from using Darwinism as a tool of atheism and everything will be fine. (See “Earth to planet D’Souza.”*)

The reality is that right now, scientists seem to be trying to dump Darwin’s theory as a theory of everything in biology, yet the secular chants of praise for Darwin have increased in volume in the popular media – competing with a flood tide of nonsense from evolutionary psychologists, flogging to journals material that, if only it were well written and a little more plausible, might have morphed into saleable “Clan of the Cave Bear” fiction. For that sort of thing, Darwin’s theory is far more essential than it is for biology.



  1. scientists seem to be trying to dump Darwin’s theory as a theory of everything in biology

    While Evolution is certainly the most important theory in modern biology, no evolutionary biologist that I am aware of has ever characterized Evolution as a “theory of everything”. Can you provide a source for this, or was this merely another misrepresentation by cdesign proponentsists?

  2. Caleb,

    I appreciate your vigor here. I fought some of these battles when I first started blogging. It’s difficult to convince people of something they wish not to be convinced of. Someone said to me today that Darwinists are fond of the ‘chimps and humans share 98% of their DNA so we must share a common ancestor’ mantra. Then, they also pointed out that humans are mostly water and so are clouds and that maybe clouds and humans also share a common ancestor. Anyhow, I’ll see you around.


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