Posted by: Mr. C | May 14, 2008

The MCAT and Evolutionary Bias

There is an interesting post up over at Evolution News about the evolutionary bias of the MCAT. It is worth checking out.

I have a friend in medical school who can attest not just to the bias in testing required to get into medical school, but also to the lack of openness to anyone who would question evolution. Forget the main goal of science in exploring new theories and hypotheses, evolution is the be all, end all, theory for explaining origins.

Here’s an excerpt:

I find this not only poor science for those that are preparing to enter the medical field, but it also makes a very poor basis for assessing a person’s competence in biology. Not only that, this is an incredibly stressful and tense test. I understand them testing our knowledge of evolution (as a hypothesis) on the biology section and I would not object to that. But why do they insist on using it unnecessarily in the verbal reasoning section on an exam, and always treating it as a widely accepted fact? It seems that they are using my acceptance of evolution as a measure of my competence as a doctor, and I find that to be both bad science and bad medicine. My ability to treat patients with care, compassion, and competence in no way relates to my beliefs about Darwinism.



  1. If by “origins” you mean the actual origin of life, then evolution doesn’t explain that, or even attempt to explain it. That falls under the topic of abiogenesis.

    It’s treated on the test as “widely accepted fact” because it IS widely accepted.

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